In this blog, we will answer What Are Hard and Soft Services in Facilities Maintenance?

Getting deeper, we will answer these additional three questions:

  • What are Facility Maintenance Services?
  • What are Hard Services in Facility Management?
  • What are Soft Services in Facility Management?

What Are Facility Maintenance Services?

Facilities Maintenance service include keeping spaces, structures and infrastructure in proper operating condition in a routine, scheduled fashion to prevent failure and/or degradation. Facility Maintenance is usually directed by a facility manager or outsourced from a facilities maintenance services provider.

Cleaning and facilities maintenance services are addressed under the two categories: hard facilities management services and soft facility management services.

What Are Hard Facility Management Services?

Hard facilities maintenance services are those services that are structured within the building and cannot be removed because they are part of the actual “fabric” or workings of a building. These services directly relate to the health, safety and welfare of employees, and are required by law.

Examples include:

What Are Soft Facility Management Services?

Soft facility management services are those that offer a more comfortable working/living environment. Many are also required by law.

Examples are:

Commercial Window Cleaning

Every facility needs cleaning and maintenance services to run efficiently. Businesses that practice “good housekeeping and preventive maintenance” are typically well-run and orderly. Employees and visitors to the office or site enjoy a safe and healthy environment, and in general, the workplace promotes productivity and overall well-being. The washrooms are clean and properly stocked, the air is well ventilated, even the outdoor landscaping is pleasant.

Health and Safety Laws Require Proper Maintenance and Cleaning

Proper cleaning/janitorial services and facility maintenance isn’t just “nice to have.” Employers and business owners in Canada and across the U.S.A. have responsibilities to ensure the daily health, safety and welfare of their employees. This includes following health and safety regulations that govern the standards to which building must be maintained.

Health and safety regulations in the USA are regulated by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) or OSHA-approved state plans. The situation is similar in Canada. Each province or territory has an act (typically called the Occupational Health and Safety Act or something similar) which applies to most workplaces in that region. In Ontario, for example, you can read what is covered on the  Workplace Safety and Prevention Services (WSPS) website, or check out regulations that cover specific industries.

In general, workplace health and safety regulations require Facilities Managers to ensure provisions are made for:

Commercial Floor Cleaning

How Are Cleaning and Facility Maintenance Services Assessed?

Professional facilities maintenance and janitorial/commercial cleaning providers are in the business of ensuring that such services are assessed, implemented and regularly maintained. Understanding and adhering to health and safety standards as these relate to specific industries is part of the expertise they offer.

Working with a Facilities Maintenance Partner

It’s no surprise that cleaning and maintenance services range widely, depending on the type, size and location of the business. An industrial site, for example, would include maintaining and cleaning equipment; a medical site may require specific disinfecting technology.

A company such as Kleenway offers an initial needs assessment in order to design a customized cleaning and maintenance plan designed to provide a clean, healthy and safe workplace environment. In addition, the cleaning team is able to step in if there is a building or facility emergency, such as a flood or hazardous spill, or advise on specialty services, such as an abatement, remediation or restoration project.

It’s why we say that we are not just a “cleaning service”—Kleenway is your partner in comprehensive facility maintenance.

For more than 35 years Kleenway has been providing superior and trusted commercial cleaning and facility maintenance services. Contact us for a quote today.