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With more than three decades of experience, our core service offering of Complete Custodial Care is the foundation we continue to build upon. Our ability to deliver trusted, quality services with a team of rigorously trained experts and an ongoing commitment to seek out the most innovative new products, processes and technology positions us uniquely to serve a broad range of client needs. Add our strength in quality systems and commitment to environmental stewardship supported by our green cleaning policy, and we are ready to help keep your facility in the best possible shape for your stakeholders.

For organizations across Canada, we provide the following services:

How we support you

At Kleenway, quality isn’t merely a reference to the delivery of a specific task, it is something we mindfully consider in everything we do, every day. All areas of our business are scrutinized to ensure we consistently adhere to our performance standards, policies and processes across our North American footprint – from the delivery of our services to our training programs, client interactions, and even our community work!

Our commitment to our Quality Management System results in fulfilling on our promise to our clients of consistent, sustainable, high-value service delivery. We actively maintain the following certifications:

Kleenway’s management structure has been carefully crafted to highlight the skills of our management team and the vast amount of hands-on experience we collectively bring to the table. We purposefully foster transparency, strong communication, and a free flow of information throughout the organization, and emphasize accessibility for our clients, with the intention of strengthening relationships and minimizing problems.

We endeavor to clearly identify and understand our clients’ goals at the outset of any project in order that we not only tailor the service program scope for each client’s (clearly identified) unique goals, we collect meaningful data to ensure we deliver the right results, every time.

Kleenway understands that Quality Control procedures are integral in maintaining the highest standard of service delivery. Our efforts to streamline and maintain consistent service across our operation have resulted in an improved automated auditing process that provides our clients complete transparency and process involvement. The management teams of both organizations work to determine the measurables and then together assess service standards using the auditing tool.

Kleenway firmly believes “You can’t change what you can’t measure.” Setting and measuring meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each project is an integral part in a properly executed service contract by our team.

Each project is designed with a comprehensive Kleenway Internal Audit Schedule (IAS) which acts as the delivery and reporting framework for audits and reports. Using the IAS, we are able to remain transparent in every facet of our operation and allow your management to get a clear and concise view of how we are meeting – and exceeding – the scope of work, and providing opportunity to continually review and identify any process improvements.

Kleenway knows that green cleaning is healthy cleaning: we have been one of the leaders in looking at ways to create a greener workplace that is safe and healthy for all stakeholders. Our comprehensive Green Cleaning Policy coupled with our certification as a CIMS-GB accredited organization ensures our ability to work with clients to implement their green initiatives. We support our policy with a sustainability purchasing policy and ongoing co-worker training in green cleaning innovations.

Kleenway’s familiarity with LEED requirements in support of greater oversight, thoroughness and stricter environmental requirements is invaluable when helping client achieve specific LEED targets across a diverse number of areas, such as light pollution reduction, emissions reductions, etc.

We believe quality service begins with quality people, trained well. Managing the consistency of on-going and regular training of more than 600 employees across a North American footprint has been an interesting undertaking, and one that we believe to have now mastered. Our co-workers receive initial and on-going training for provincially-mandated Health & Safety certifications, in product and equipment usage, in cleaning and maintenance methodologies, and in customer relations.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances can impact a client at any time. When short-term, immediate staffing resources are required (e.g. special services, events, emergency services, seasonal operations, etc.), we have a system in place to assist in covering you from a pool of pre-vetted, qualified personnel for any last-minute back-up roles you may need.

Kleenway has built excellent relationships with many of the largest suppliers for products and state-of-the-art equipment in North America, giving us strong purchasing power. This allows us to offer our services, and associated products and supplies, at competitive pricing across the country, a practice currently evident with many of our national accounts. Whenever possible, these favorable cost savings are passed on to our clients.


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