It’s the emergency that no one wants – water is flooding into your business, perhaps from a leaky or burst pipe, a heavy rainstorm, flood, or mid-winter “big melt”.  Water is “sneaky”. It can slip into wall cavities and other nooks and crannies you cannot see. Every moment you wait the damage spreads. When not properly dried, it continues to cause issues such as deterioration and mould growth, starting within the first 24 hours.

Step one: If you can, the first step is to stop the water. Find the shut off for the main value of the facility (and make sure everyone else knows in the future where to find this valve).

Step two: Call a professional. By the time you’ve shut off the water, there’s already damage. Things are only going to get worse if you don’t get proper help.

Here’s a checklist of 5 things to look for when selecting your partner:

1. Make sure your partner is IICRC certified

Water damage calls for a cleaning and restoration company you can trust. The Institute of International Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is the non-profit certifying body for the cleaning and restoration industry. They set the standards for water damage restoration process for best practices in remediation and safety. If your partner is accredited with the IICRC it means they have been trained and are certified in the best practices within the restoration and remediation services. This means, you know that the contractor is capable of doing the job properly!

IICRC Certified

2. 24-hr emergency response

Water damage is bad news, whether it happens because of a burst pipe, back up from storm drains or sewage pipes, or flooding in a large, multi-story tower building. Letting your property sit in water causes further damage, including the spread of water-borne diseases and the development of mould spores. As soon as the drying process starts, the likelihood of mold growth decreases, and the damage can no longer get worse.

Your emergency flood services provider should be able to respond immediately to your situation and send a team within a few hours.

The initial extraction of standing water generally takes only a few hours; however to completely dry the structure may take 3-5 days. Any damage to walls, floors and ceilings will be repaired after the area is dry. The entire process often takes less than 10 days.

3. Remediation services

Cleaning up after flooding requires a specific kind of mould remediation to prevent the spread of mould in the damp environment. This is critical. If the water is not properly removed and the space dried, it just becomes a breeding ground for mold in as little as 24-48 hours. From there, mold spores can travel throughout the facility in the air and duct systems, exacerbating the problem and causing serious health and safety issues.

Remediation Flooding

Mould remediation services includes:

  • Fixing the water issue (burst pipes, etc.)
  • Isolate the contaminated area (if mould is found to be present)
  • Removal of wet and damaged materials
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the area
  • Effective drying of the area to eliminate mould growth using specialized drying equipment
  • Testing for humidity and mould following clean up

4. Help with insurance claims

You have enough to do without dealing with insurance forms and processes. When you partner with a qualified restoration company,  they have experience with the process and verification required for insurance-compliant claim submissions. This significantly reduces the stress of the project for you.

5. Restoration services

Water damage restoration shouldn’t just include restoring your real building back to its former functionality. Once the emergency has been dealt with, you need to inspect the underlying cause of the water damage in the first place so that you can prevent further incidences and ensure your property is safe.

Services that are included are:

  • Structural and drywall repair/restoration
  • Packing and storing of furniture (or elevating onsite above water level) during the restoration process
  • Additional repairs or replacements for pipes, electrical systems, etc.

Not all cleaning and restoration companies are the same. Always get the right help to assure that once the disaster is over, your business can return to normal – as if the flood never happened.

Kleenway offers a full-scope service after a fire, flood or other disaster. Our quick response and full dry cycle times eliminate secondary damage from mould development and support required insurance claims. Contact us for more information or call 1-888-638-5587.